Making every effort to get evidence

Often claimants do not realize how important it is to try to get evidence to back up their stories. Sometimes they think that the fact that they are telling the truth will be obvious. Other times, they know that their efforts will be in vain, so they do not see any point in trying. But if there is any chance of getting evidence, Gary will expect the claimant at least to have made the effort.

Viktor had figured that trying to get proof of his story would be hopeless: he knew that his friend, who had his own troubles, would not want to write a letter, and he suspected that the hospital and the police would not cooperate with his requests. If he had written to his friend, the hospital and the police – and sent proof of this to the Board, such as copies of his letters and the postage receipts – even if none of them had responded, Viktor could have shown Gary that he had done everything he could to try to support his claim.