Reading each document carefully before sending it to the Board

Gary is often very troubled if something in the evidence that the claimant has sent to the Board seems to contradict the claimant’s story or does not match it perfectly. When claimants read their documents carefully before sending them to the Board, if they notice a problem, they might be able to fix it. Or if the problem is very serious, they might decide not to use the document at all. Or if they do decide to use it, they may be better prepared to answer Gary’s questions about it.

If Gordon had noticed the mistake in the psychiatrist’s report, he could have contacted her office and asked her to send him a new version with the correct information.

If Ndidi had noticed before the hearing that the police report did not tell the full story, she would not have been surprised and confused by Gary’s questions. She might have been better prepared to describe the chaos at the police station and to explain why the officer may not have carefully taken down her story word for word as she told it.

If Lijuan had realized that her medical report only mentioned some of her injuries, she might also have sent to the Board the photos that her family had taken that showed the injuries to her face.

Since her mother did not know the full story, any letter from her would raise a question in Gary’s mind: Did Badma really hide her worst experiences from her mother, or did she invent these experiences and add them to her claim to try to make it stronger? Badma might decide to submit the letter and explain to Gary why she had not told her mother the full story. Or she might decide not to submit it, especially if she had a lot of other evidence to support her story.

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Marjorie could have asked her father to rewrite his letter to focus only on the points that would be important to help Gary to understand why she is at risk. If the letter had not mentioned other reasons why she would like to stay in Canada, it would not have raised Gary’s suspicions.